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I have spent the last decade raising my voice as an advocate for girls' rights.  Having founded and set up an NGO, Orchid Project, for a world free from female genital cutting, I've ensured that girls are heard in corridors of power and beyond. This advocacy resulted in new global commitments, donor investment and on-the-ground programmes to support girls' rights. I'm immensely proud to have added my energy to this vision. 

Change Agent

I've been lucky to work at the forefront of social change, looking at one of the most complex issues for the world today. I learned that behavioural change and social norm theory can truly support the empowerment of those who live with injustice. Working across social change has taught me important lessons: it takes time, diplomacy, empathy, curiosity, courage and resilience. Chasing world leaders down a corridor to elicit a commitment is a legitimate tactic; sitting peeling potatoes with women in the Loita Hills in Kenya and listening to their journey is a gift.


I'm an engaging and experienced public speaker - empowering, challenging and motivating audiences to do more.  I strive to embolden people to do the best they can, be it as after-dinner speaker at corporate events, through conference keynotes or as a motivational speaker. This testimonial is from Juliet Daye, from a major UK PLC: "As a guest speaker at six leadership development programmes, Julia embodied purposeful leadership, affecting us deeply and provoking us to think differently... all delivered with grace, presence and humanity."

Consultant & Strategist

I am an adept and able adviser and can work across various sectors and issues. My passions are gender, social change and building movements. I use my expertise in strategy setting and delivery, advocacy and communications to inform all of my work. I relish empowering a diverse range of people and organisations, be it through one-off assignments or long term partnerships. In January 2021, I became a Professional Coach, which has helped me hone my understanding of interactions and people. 

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